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We are a global mobile game publisher which provides support services to independent game developers. We connect the developers to the Southeast Asian and global markets through localization, QA, marketing and PR services.
Our business strategies are tailored to fit the demands of the international market.

Game Sourcing

We provide intelligent analyses on the lifecycle of the game, from the profit it could make, its performance and how it will satisfy mobile gamers.

Publishing Contract

We set terms and conditions which are fair for both parties. Responsibilities, payments and other details are clearly stated on the deal.

Global Division Assignment

We use strategies which fit the territory you target. We work with teams that know how the gaming market works in various countries.

Polishing & Q.A

Includes development and resources support, multi-language support, BM suggestion, featured req guide suggestion and indicator analysis solution suggestion.

Game Launching

We create events to attract more players to the game. We also market your game to relevant channels and media to reach your target audience.

Live Service

We continuously keep users excited about your game. We monitor various game issues and respond in a timely manner. Customer satisfaction is paramount for us.

Published Games


Genre : 2D RPG

A New World is Coming
Soft Launch this September

Rogue Life

Genre : Shooting RPG

Embark on a unique and exciting adventure. Put your dodging skills to the test in this never-before-seen shooter x RPG crossover!

RED Clash of Heroes

Genre : RPG

A fast-paced, fantasy, action mobile RPG which features the valiant warriors of the Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West

Emperor's Dice

Genre : Board

Play as a warlord whose aim is to conquer as many lands as possible. Defend your castle with the strongest recruited general

Fantasy Squad

Genre : Action RPG

Summon your chosen guardian to diminish all enemies and even hard-hitting bosses for each level

Game Trailer

  • NTales

    NTales: Child of Destiny

    Witness a tale of epic proportions where Adventurers and Pets unite to save the World

  • Rogue Life

    Rogue Life

    Experience a brand new adventure with a twist in this upcoming shooter x role-playing game

  • Red Clash of Heroes

    Red Clash of Heroes

    Embark on a fantastic journey through various lands to defeat the forces of evil.

  • Emperor's Dice

    Emperor's Dice

    Strengthen your generals and defeat your opponents to conquer more lands!

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