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The Kingdom of Lancia

"Lancia, a kingdom once at its peaceful and harmonious world from thousand of years have passed. Neighboring kingdoms see to have monsters and creatures who are tamed. Villagers, monsters and all creatures are living together in a tranquil and wonderful world enjoying the surreal and calm environment. A perfect world at first, but started to get change in the blink of an eye.
As the years have passed, several invaders and villains started to rage and chaos resulting in fear and anger for all. Which drove all monsters and creatures go wild and destroy mankind.The silence of twilight, a disaster that began with 100 days of darkness.The day the curse began as Dr. Deff's evil mission occurs. "

Game Features

2D Pocket RPG
► Powerful Action RPG Gameplay in 2D
► Plot Based Quests - Accomplish Impossible Missions!
► Interesting Side Quests - Get distracted with side-quests as you save the world!
► Strategic PvE and PvP Battles!

Play with Friends
► Party with Friends! Defeat Boss Dungeon Together
► Create & Join Guilds to Battle in competitive guild war

Classic Hero Classes
► Warrior, Magician and Cleric
► Evolve to a New Class - Complete the Change Job Quest!

Fighting in Style
► Costume! Wings! - Fight in Style!
► Unique Equip and Items - Unlock Set Items, Equip and powerful Weapons!
► Massive Collection - Enjoy various equipment, costumes, weapons and pets!

Summon Pets
► Summon Pets - Cute and Powerful Pets to fight along your side!
► Pet Level Up - Visit Pet Island, gather meat and tame rare monsters!

Various PvE modes
► Wandering Monsters - battle wandering monsters in Lancia!
► Boss Dungeon - Party with friends and raid Boss Dungeons!
► Infinity Tower - Survive battle infinite monsters on the highest floor!
► Time Dungeon - Get up to 3 times EXP and Gold on these dungeons!

Intense PvP Action
► Battle with Players in 1v1!
► Pet Battle to the death!
► Clash in Guild War!

Discover the Kingdom
► Over 200 Maps to Explore!
► Sharpen your skills to defeat the monsters!

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